Strategy for Connected and Automated Public Transportation Services and Shared Mobility and its effect analysis

Sehyun Tak / Korea Transport Institute

Identifying the Spatiotemporal Effects of New Subway System on Land Prices: Correlation and Differences Between Commercial and Residential Uses

Jihye Byun / Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Regularity of Trips in the City inferred from On-board ETC Devices

Kitae Jang / Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

MFD based wide area traffic simulation and control

Hwasoo Yeo / Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Effect of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) on Transportation Sustainability: Mode Choice Perspective

Dong-kyu Kim / Seoul National Univerity

Analysis of Relationship Between Traffic Crashes and Driving Behavior Factors using Probe Vehicle Data

Oh Hoon Kwon / Keimyung University

Estimation of total Blocking Duration by Accidents on Expressways using the Ordered Probit Model

Shin Hyoung Park / Keimyung University

A Driving Performance Evaluation based on VR Technologies to Improve Traffic Safety

Dongmin Lee / University of Seoul

Introduction and evaluation of turbo roundabout as urban roundabout in Korea

Hoekyung Kim / Dong-A University

Joint Optimization of Inspection and Maintenance Policies for Large-scale Pavement Systems under Model Uncertainty

Jinwoo Lee / Hong Kong Polytech University

Effect of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) on Transportation Sustainability: Mode Choice Perspective

Sunghoon Jang / Eindhoven University of Technology

Shared bike usage prediction using 3D convolutional neural network

Inhi Kim / Monash University

Development of Safety Performance Function and Hotspot Identification using Large-size Vehicle Maneuver Data in Urban Area

Seungmo Kang / Korea University

Understanding electric rental car users' satisfaction: a case study in Jeju

Sanghoon Son / Jeju Research Institute

Microscopic traffic simulation based vehicle emissions estimation under congested condition with NGSIM data

Gunwoo Lee / Choongang University

Analysis of Time Trends of Safety Performance

Juneyoung Park / Hanyang University

Retrofit for Future Transport

Seungjae Lee / University of Seoul

Driving Characteristics and Environmental Impacts for Public Transit Buses: Comparison of Two Cities in South Korea

Sangjun Park / Chosun University

Autonomous System toward Sustainable Transportation

Nam-Hoi Park / KAIA


A Markov Process Model on Evaluating the Transit Vehicle Control Strategies

Qiong Tian / Beihang University

Traffic resilience in megacity

Daqing Li / Beihang University

Impacts of social interaction information on commuters' route choice: model and experiment

Tianliang Liu / Beihang University

Bidding with anticipated regret in double shared parking auction market: A modeling approach integrating goal frames

Meng Xu / Beijing Jiaotong University

Optimizing the release of passenger flow guidance information in urban rail transit network via agent-based simulation

Haodong Yin / Beijing Jiaotong University

Energy-Efficient Train Operation Approaches for Urban Rail Systems

Xin Yang / Beijing Jiaotong University

Road Safety in CAV environments

Helai Huang / Central South University

Optimization of Traffic Count Locations for Estimation of Mean and Covariance of Origin-Destination Demands

Hu Shao / China University of Mine and Technology

Community structure based global hub location problem in liner shipping

Jianfeng Zheng / Dalian Maritime University

Refining an approach to optimization of bus corridor operations

Chunyan Tang / Dalian Maritime University

A status quo-dependent route choice model and its application in traffic assignment

Hongli Xu / Nanjing University

A day-to-day dynamic model for the bi-objective user equilibrium

Wei Xu / Nanjing University

Combination of Tradable Credit Scheme and Link Capacity Improvement to Balance the Economic Growth and Environmental Management in Sustainable-oriented Transport Development: A Bi-objective Bilevel Programming Approach

Guangmin Wang / China University of Geosciences

Measuring joint space-time accessibility under travel time uncertainty

Xiao Fu / Southeast University

Intermodal Transportation of Modular Structure Unit

Zhiyuan Liu / Southeast University

Real-time route guidance control in a model predictive control framework with consideration of emission reduction and fuel economy

Lihua Luo / Shanghai Maritime University

Potential contribution of autonomous vehicles to transportation sustainability

Taoyu Chen / Shanghai Maritime University

Regulating emission control in the transport industry and its effects

Yingen Ge / Shanghai Maritime University

Transportation patterns of container underground logistics system

Chengji Liang / Shanghai Maritime University

Ship type decision under uncertain maritime market

Hongtao Hu / Shanghai Maritime University

On Optimizing Port Operations and Maritime Logistics

Lu Zhen / Shanghai University

A class of mixed bus fleet management strategies

Feng Xiao / Southwestern University of Finance & Economics

How Information Availability and Stochasticity Impact Disrupted Transportation Networks?

Chi Xie / Tongji University

Traffic Safety Analysis based on Big Data

Rongjie Yu / Tongji University

A column generation based heuristic for the large scale airline disruption recovery problem with slot capacity and maintenance flexibility.

Zhe Liang / Tongji University

Joint implementation of pricing and credit for public-private mixed transportation network

Xiaoning Zhang / Tongji University

Alternating Direction Control Scheme (ADCS): An innovative intersection control method under connected and automated environment

Fang He / Tsinghua University

The research on time reliability of mixed stochastic user equilibrium models for taxi-calling mobile apps based on variable demand

Xizhao Zhou / University of Shanghai for Science & Technology

Optimization design for unconventional intersections

Jing Zhao / University of Shanghai for Science & Technology

Feedback-Based Perimeter Control Strategy for an Incident-Affected Region Using the Network Exit Function

Jiawen Wang / University of Shanghai for Science & Technology